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18 years of satisfied customers, over 10,000,000 products from 120 international partners. When we start imagining new products, we want to make them something special. Our team of product designers, engineers and interior designers constantly engage with the question of what the working world of tomorrow might look like.

A height-adjustable desk for professional use, at an affordable price: that's supposed to be impossible? Technology and quality "just cost more"? We got sick of thinking that way. Our Masterlift® series is proof that it's possible to combine outstanding technology, award-winning design and a low price all in one product.

So nobody needs storage room in the digital age? And all closets look the same anyway? Just more empty cliches. The Masterbox® furnishing system that leapt from the pen of our designer Karl Bell, proves the opposite. It didn't just convince the jury for the red dot design award: architects love it, too.

Whenever we design a product, we take into account what our customers want and what we haven't been able to do yet. To that end, we always ask the same question: what would really impress our customers? From there, we develop product ideas, then choose materials and highly qualified partners. We make a very conscious decision not to tie ourselves to a single partner for manufacturing; instead, we can move with flexibility and use all sorts of materials in our designs. A hinge-free adjustable monitor arm, for example, is just a partnership away.

Design is art that makes itself useful. - Carlos Obers

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We're always interested in hearing from people with a passion for finding the best solutions for our customers. Maybe we just don't yet know that we need you in particular! Convince us: send us your details. They don't have to be in a standard format: we think that your taking the initiative is more important than following the usual path perfectly. Let's see how we match up!


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Everyone can bring something to the table right from day one. Sometimes out-of-the-box thinking is what makes innovation happen.


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