Welcome to LAB-3

3.000 sq m inspirational loft built on 12.500 sq m of green meadowland


Space to dream

Every day, we work to develop new furnishing solutions and technologies. Which is exactly what our own 2,000 square metre innovation centre, LAB-3, is for. This location in rural Biebertal, tucked away peacefully amid green meadowland, was carefully chosen. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, ideas have space to take root.

LAB-3 is designed to inspire our employees and to encourage them to think in new ways. By furnishing it exclusively with the products we make ourselves, we promote a spirit of creativity among our interdisciplinary team - for example, in the way the room-within-a-room Masterpod® system enables a flexible infrastructure. Flat hierarchies and plenty of open spaces open the way to dynamic, innovative processes and ways of working.

LAB-3 is where we continue to develop unique solutions like the Masterbox® furniture system and the ergonomic MasterMove® sensor system for office chairs. After all, LAB-3 isn't just a think tank: it's a platform for experimenting with and testing prototypes and mass-produced products. We test everything we develop under real-world conditions, right at our desks. At the root of all this is our demand to only bring those products to the market that represent a new level of technological quality and real added value for our customers: functional, ergonomic, designer and - last but certainly not least - value for money.

We also rent out parts of LAB-3's space as a co-working area for interested businesses and organisations. They offer the ideal space for brainstorming events like creative workshops.


Develop new digital processes, organisations and products for businesses.


Create, test, optimise.
With Inwerk products.

Work-life balance

Badminton, fitness zone, lounge, 100 sq m kitchen for healthy eating, fireplace

Our products

Tested through everyday use

We develop and design product ranges optimised for the needs of the modern working world. They're designed to support productive working on a day-to-day basis and contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. To this end, we've already set numerous technological standards, like with our multi-functional Masterbox® furniture system and our range of Masterlift® desks. 

All the products we create are subject to our strict quality requirements. The LAB-3 research and development centre is where we further intensify the way we integrate and iterate on every new possibility that enters into our everyday working world.

We want to create the kind of working environment where people would be happy to spend their time off, as well.
- Bernd Klingelhöfer -


Mountain views while you work

Our current office in Biebertal, near Giessen, will win you over with its location alone, thanks to its attractive views of Gleiberg Castle and Dünsberg mountain. Our team (currently up to 25 people) works here in a 450 square metre office where every furnishing offers maximum ergonomics: for one thing, each workstation is equipped with an electrically adjustable standing/sitting desk and three large monitors.

As usual at Inwerk, each employee chooses their own office chair based on their personal preferences. Integrated acoustic furniture and other elements help keep the office peaceful, while two meeting rooms, a large conference room, several lounges, a kitchen and a balcony complete the range of infrastructure on offer that keeps our employees working happily and feeling good.

How to find us

Getting here is easy

Inwerk GmbH
Inwerkstr. 5
35444 Biebertal, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)6409 66190

Opening hours: 
Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00

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