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On some level, we marketeers at Inwerk work like a miniature marketing agency (even though we're really not that small at all). Currently, 15 online marketing managers with diverse specialisations are constantly working to optimise Inwerk's multi-channel presence. We have our own photo studio, video and photo experts, social media specialists, and professionals in SEO and usability, media planning and design.

But at the same time, and in many ways more importantly, we're product marketeers and managers for our own products as well as our extensive retail range. Our target is to better explain systems, drawing on the essential service each product can provide. Our customers need to understand as well as possible how our products work (and work together).

In online marketing, it's particularly important to keep up with the times. Regular workshops, and visits to conferences and trade shows covering the many topics in our industry, empower us to do just that. At the same time, we stay grounded in our real work: what ultimately matters is making sure our customers are satisfied.

If you want to become one of our online marketing managers, then above all, you'll need passion, team spirit and a little bite. Ideally, you'll already know a little about the tools of online marketing. If you're missing any industry-specific knowledge, we'll bring you up to speed in no time. If all of this makes you curious, we should talk!

Successful marketing depends on good products and services - and most important of all, on presenting the truth in a positive light.

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