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Masterbox® writing desk

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Award-winning design

Red dot design award and other awards

We know modern working environments. Whenever we see the need for improvement or new solutions, we come up with new ideas – and always with the goal of offering our customers real added value. To that end, our engineers and designers work together closely and meticulously until a commercial product is ready for mass production – and it often ends up looking quite different from anything that's come before.

We find new ways forward, be it in ergonomics, acoustics, space efficiency or flexibility in placement. As a result, we test and incorporate materials that have never before been used in the office furnishing world. We use stable magnetic strips (instead of screws) to assemble our uniquely simple, tool-free, multi-functional Masterbox® furniture system. We use specialist foam materials, tried and tested in the automobile industry, for our particularly well noise-insulated Leister acoustic products. We were the first in our industry to use the water jet cutting process to finish these frameless products.

As a result, we've won numerous design awards. For example, the Masterlift® 4 writing desk with its distinctive frame structure won the red dot award in 2017. And our multifunctional Masterbox® furniture system won the red dot award in 2017 as well. And the Masterbox® writing desk, made entirely of steel, featured in the top ten in the 2018 Stahl-Innovationspreis. The electric height-adjustable Flipper flipchart was nominated as a 'specialist solution' for the 2019 German Design Award.

Make a fair product for a fair price - and then tell the world. - William Wrigley -



New closet systems often just represent new arrangements of shelving. That wasn't good enough for us: we wanted to develop something truly unique. It had to have a likeable design, and it needed to do much more than other units. We took the time to come up with the answer.

We’ve given the Masterbox® a broad “perspective”. A design that avoids any polarising characteristics, one that won't date even over the course of years. Each individual box is an original with its own serial number. This is the value that this unique brand has earned. Masterbox® is produced entirely in Germany.

Each Masterbox® unit has the makings of a collector’s item. An object with documented origins and a 10-year parts replacement warranty.

Limitless flexibility

You can reposition each box as often as you like. Each configuration therefore takes on its own design.

For the love of detail

You can see how much we love the Masterbox® in its pristine structure, its precise finish and its ease of handling. 

Environmental bonus

Made entirely of steel, 
it offers a 
long service life 
and is fully recylable.


Standing/Sitting writing desk

Our electric height-adjustable Masterlift® desks let you work while sitting or standing up. To ensure regular healthy changes in posture, the Masterguide control system lets the user know when it's time to stand up or sit back down. In a performance comparison organised by the testing and finance magazine "FACTS" (05/2017), the Masterlift® 2 stood out as the winner. In the view of the editors, it was "best suited for professional use in offices".

Working together, designers Karl Bell and Dipl.-Ing. Jens Hohenbild brought the Masterlift® products into the world. Their close collaboration is reflected in the forward-looking synergies between technical or structural measures and artistic or aesthetic creativity. Both of these aspects are clear to see in both the functionality and style of these writing desks.

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