Property furnishing

Planning and realisation, all from one source

Step One

Systematic planning with InKonzept

Over the last few years, we've produced over 1,000 plans and designs. We developed our systematic planning service, InKonzept, from scratch. The benefit to you? We can offer exactly the service you need from one of our three tiers of service packages. We bring together interior-design expertise and the highly competent implementation services of a specialist retailer. Which means that whatever we plan, we know for a fact we can deliver.

With InKonzept Basic, our specialist planners get an impression of how customers want to position specific items within a space, then draw up a furnishing plan. Acoustic and lighting recommendations can help round out this package.

The InKonzept Plus package is particularly well suited for those customers who don't yet know exactly where this journey will take them. A team of interior designers and specialist consultants will invest their time and creativity to create the ideal floor plan, turning your business' story into a unique space concept. From this, we develop modern office environments which we discuss closely with the customer and ensure that everything we plan is also implemented quickly and efficiently.

Our premium package, InKonzept Premium, produces a plan that makes your every wish possible. In this case, we calculate the cost of the planning service on an hourly basis based on the actual time requirements. This most comprehensive package includes planning an entire building including taking measurements on-site.


The InKonzept service
ensures that planning work 
goes faster.


We put our heads and hearts
into making each furnishing plan
a complete concept.


All of our plans take into account
how to quickly and efficiently
make them a reality.

Step Two

Just-in-time project management

We see ourselves as a professional solutions partner to our customers. Which is why we always start by thinking about the most cost-efficient way to realise a furnishing project. This means we also coordinate the job every step of the way, including delivery times and assembly.

Our project management skills are just that good. It's partly because we've worked closely with our 120 partner manufacturers for so many years, but also because we develop our own successful products which we keep in stock in large quantities. So, for example, if you're based in Germany or a neighbouring country, you can get over 500 workstations with practically next-day delivery.

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