2018 report

New product lines, new awards, and so many new customers

Inwerk business news

Over a decade of consistent growth

Inwerk® is one of the leading product developers, service providers and suppliers of professional office furniture. Founded by Dipl.-Ing. Jens Hohenbild and Dipl-Päd. Bernd Klingelhöfer in the company's home town of Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf, Inwerk now operates a second office in Biebertal and has extended its brands beyond the borders of Germany to Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Inwerk is a pioneer in online multi-channel marketing and one of the first companies in Germany to have adopted this system for the business-to-business office furnishings sector.

Our sales figures show continuous growth, well above the industry average. Even in years where the overall market volumes dropped, we were above the curve. Which means Inwerk customers can rest assured that this financially healthy company will continue to support them with their office furnishings to save them time and effort for many years to come.

Our customers

Across Germany and nearby countries

Inwerk supplies products across Germany as well as to Switzerland and Austria. In total, we co-ordinated more than 60,000 separate deliveries across the entire country in the last twelve months.


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Our team

Let's get to know each other

Our ongoing success in the market, achieved by constantly developig new products and design series and by meeting the high demand for which we are so grateful, is making it possible to open up new positions in our team. As a result, as of June 2018, we've filled 14 new positions in the last 12 months, welcoming new members to our team in the fields of customer support, marketing, invoicing, product design and software development

We're aiming high for the years to come, as well. We're looking for even more engaged people with a passion for their specialist subject and the desire to work with us to make this business succeed. Interested? Just click here:

design by inwerk

Innovative and unique

Let's get one thing straight first: we love design! It's what keeps us pushing forwards. We see design as a synthesis of functionality, aesthetics and quality – something which is reflected in our award-winning Masterbox® and Masterlift® product lines.

Our product designers and engineers develop products and product lines that set new standards in our industry. And that goes for pricing, as well. We're constantly striving anew to offer our customers the very best solutions – sometimes even the kind they never thought of for themselves. For example, our standing/sitting Masterlift® desk has an adjustable light. For example, we recently brought the adjustable-height Flipper flipchart to the market. For example, we offer the Masterpod® space system which offers a level of flexibility unmatched by any other system.

This is why, in the last 12 months alone, we've registered 12 new brands and 21 design lines as well as developing 5 new system platforms and product lines (as of June 2018). This potential is unique within our industry


New for 2018

InKonzept planning services

In 2018, we developed our first product that wasn't actually a product. Our planning service, InKonzept, is the perfect addition to our already extensive range of services. It lets us support our customers with a systematic approach to planning their dream working environment.

With three complementary packages – InKonzept Basic, InKonzept Plus and InKonzept Premium – we offer precisely defined and scoped plans to meet all sorts of needs, customised to whichever level of detail our customers require.

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