The personal health coach at work

Inwerk MasterMove® seat sensor system

The personal health coach at work

10,000 moves - movement is the new office ergonomics
Those who move more prevent illnesses, show studies by sports scientists and orthopaedists. Health insurance companies subsidize digital systems for more exercise. In the office, the place where we spend 8 hours or more, there is so far little specific. To date, only the office swivel chair and electrically height-adjustable desk tools exist for the dynamic components of sitting or standing-sitting dynamics.

How are the chair and electric table used ergonomically?
The MasterMove® seat sensor replaces the previously static office ergonomics of an optimal sitting posture with the tracking of dynamic sitting and standing. MasterMove® serves the health prevention by counteracting lack of movement in the office job.
MasterMove® analyzes the individual movement behavior, recognizes the need for preventive action and communicates what the user should do long before the body reports pain. The movement initiated by the system helps to avoid physical discomfort, contributes to maintaining performance and well-being at work and can reduce the number of sick days lost due to illness.

MasterMove® constantly measures, compares and animates instead of traditional behavioural hints such as the "90-degree knee and elbow flexion theory" for chair adjustment. The reference point is the number of movements. Analogous to the step counter with the reference size of 10,000 steps, here there are 10,000 moves - individually related to the user and his behaviour. Almost incidentally, so-called dynamic sitting is integrated into the 8-hour day and can therefore be performed by anyone. Without having to wear anything such as a bracelet or subscribing to a sports studio.
MasterMove® integrates digital sensor technology into office swivel chairs that were previously purely mechanical. MasterMove® is a mini-computer in matchbox format with several sensors, storage media and signal transmitters as well as a well-known wireless connection module and app. Inconspicuously fixed to the underside of the seat, it works continuously when the chair is occupied. MasterMove® monitors the sitting behaviour in the same way as a personal coach, who is constantly attentive and does not miss a thing. Like a pedometer, the system records the number of all movements, but also measures their intensity several times per second in terms of acceleration, angle of rotation and angle of inclination and relates these values to each other. From this, MasterMove® calculates the personal movement profile and provides the user with individual recommendations for optimal sitting behaviour: for the sitting posture, for the correct adjustment of the office chair and for a healthy, regular change of position (stand-sit-dynamics). These are not general tips, but individual recommendations derived from the analysis of personal behaviour. The data is transferred to the smartphone via Bluetooth and stored as statistics (only for the user!). All this functions permanently and completely automatically, without the need for any manual intervention.
MasterMove® encourages healthy movement on the office chair and informs via a reminder function about haptic, acoustic or visual signals when it is time to get up (e.g. to work standing at the height-adjustable desk). The system also registers how long the user then works standing up or leaves his workplace for continuous coaching and personal sitting statistics.
In addition to the movement behaviour, MasterMove® constantly records the ergonomically relevant environmental conditions in the office: humidity, room temperature and volume. If defined limit values are exceeded or fallen short of, the system responds, for example, with a recommendation to ventilate or to speak more quietly.

seating dynamics

Every move counts

Because the system counts moves, it is similar to a pedometer. In fact, however, it takes on far more functions, because in addition to measuring the number of movements several times per second, it also measures their intensity in terms of acceleration, angle of rotation and angle of inclination and relates these values to each other. MasterMove® determines the personal movement profile and derives recommendations for the individually optimal seat movement behaviour and for the correct sitting position.


Time matters

MasterMove® analyzes the measured data in relation to the respective time windows. From the total number of movements, MasterMove® calculates the ergonomically acceptable sitting time according to the principle: The higher the number of moves, the longer the sitting time. In addition, the MasterMove® App displays a bonus time. With the reminder function, the system uses haptic, acoustic or visual signals to inform the user when it is time to get up. The system also registers how long the user works standing up or leaves his workplace for continuous coaching and personal statistics.

MasterMove® does not know rigid values, but always gives the correct recommendation.

MasterMove® recommends

Sitting correctly

MasterMove® provides practical support with recommendations for sitting posture and regular position changes. No conventional, general hints, as they are shown in every office chair video, but individual recommendations, which are derived from the analysis of the personal movement. Basic knowledge of how ergonomics work optimally is provided on the smartphone as a recommendation for action. The explanations are easy to understand, so that the ergonomic part of the chair and height-adjustable desk operating instructions is largely superfluous and replaced by a biofeedback system personalised to the user.

MasterMove® Supports

Correct chair adjustment

1. checks the correct seat height
2. measures the counterpressure of the backrest (the correct counterpressure of the backrest is recommended based on the acceleration when leaning back)
3. registers the locking duration

MasterMove® prevents and protects

Responds before the body responds.

The attentive coach under the chair
Like a personal coach who is always on the lookout and doesn't miss a thing, MasterMove® monitors ergonomically correct behaviour and environmental conditions. The system provides information on what the user should do long before the body responds, thus providing lasting health protection. The sensors constantly and imperceptibly measure the relevant ergonomics and environmental parameters. Recommendations that can be derived from this are always displayed immediately as a preventive measure.

air humidity

Measures air humidity


Analyzes motion changes


Keeps an eye on the volume


Detects the temperature in the room

MasterMove® multi-sensor system

Humidity, room temperature and volume

Sensors for the working environment
Humidity, room temperature and volume are ergonomically relevant because they can influence the concentration and performance as well as the health of employees, in both a positive and negative sense. The importance of these often underestimated parameters is pointed out in many publications by physicians, health insurance companies and professional associations. In addition to the movement behaviour, MasterMove® also constantly records these general conditions at the workplace and reports when their defined limit values are exceeded or fallen short of.

Calculates the air humidity

On target with 40-60%

MasterMove® with digital hygrometer
In the workplace, where people spend a third of the day or even more, the indoor climate is an elementary ergonomic factor. A room humidity between 40 and 60% is considered ideal for offices. In fact, however, the humidity in heavily frequented rooms is often higher than that value. Excessive air humidity not only makes those affected sweat, but also carries the risk of mould, which can cause spores to enter the respiratory tract and cause allergies. Just as harmful is too dry indoor air, which irritates the mucous membranes and increases the risk of colds. The integrated digital hygrometer continuously calculates the room climate. As soon as the ideal range is exceeded or undercut, MasterMove® reports. The ideal room climate can then be restored by ventilation, for example.

Monitors the temperature

Target temperature 20-26 °C

MasterMove® with digital thermometer
The Workplace Ordinance requires "a room temperature that is beneficial to health". This should be between 20 and a maximum of 26 degrees. While lower temperatures seldom occur, the limit value mentioned is frequently exceeded in summer. The consequences are sweating, heat fatigue or even dehydration. As a preventive measure, the integrated digital thermometer monitors the room temperature and reports any exceeding of the limit values so that these can be corrected immediately by suitable air conditioning measures.

Measures the volume

On target with < 55 dB

MasterMove® with digital volume sensor
Conversations, ringing telephones, rattling keyboards and running office machines often get mixed up wildly in open-plan offices. They can grow into a real noisy backdrop that prevents productive work and can become a physical strain. Occupational science has proven that noise affects the central nervous system and generates stress, which in turn causes physical and psychological damage to health. Reason enough, therefore, to also consider the ergonomics factor "volume". Even though the Noise Protection Ordinance does not set any fixed limits for offices, the average noise level should be below 55 dB. With a digital volume sensor, MasterMove® measures the sound pressure level and reports when the defined limit value is exceeded. In this way, noise in the office can be reduced to a tolerable level so that employees can concentrate on their job undisturbed.

If movement is more important than sitting posture in office ergonomics, we can do everything right in the future.

MasterMove® is compatible

With any office chair and operating system

Universally applicable without additional devices or wearables
MasterMove® can be used universally, on any office chair and no matter what mechanism the chair is equipped with. The system works independently of the company EDP and does not have to be installed on a company computer. It is self-sufficient as soon as standard batteries are inserted. Whenever there is body contact with the chair, MasterMove® records the movement behaviour. If there is no contact, but the user is in the vicinity, the system registers the standing or walking time.
The reliability of the system is guaranteed by the high functional safety and the uninterrupted operation for up to 12 months with a standard AAA battery or accumulator set. The system communicates with all Android and IOS devices. MasterMove® is therefore fully compatible with the two most important smartphone operating systems.

MasterMove® announces itself

Flashing, humming, vibrating, notification

Individually adjustable signal
Messages can be received in plain text via the smartphone - with many individual settings for signalling. MasterMove® also works without an app. The system reports punctually beyond the app by humming, vibrating or flashing with ergonomic recommendations.

MasterMove® is fun

Playfully promote health with 10,000 moves a day

With pleasure to success
Communication with MasterMove® consciously has a certain entertainment value. The system rewards correct movement behaviour with motivating feedback that is sure to be well received. Personal ambition to achieve a self-imposed move goal or comparison with other users can also be fun and an incentive for more exercise. The user can track the number of moves on the smartphone. And the animation of a cube shows the chair movements in real time. Who knows what other possible uses this function alone could offer.

Innovations Digital

Inwerk integrates new technologies

Office furniture competence for the 21st century
When we founded Inwerk in 2001, digitalisation was part of our business model from the very beginning. We were the first in the office furniture industry to program configurators with thousands of item variants in our online system in order to provide our customers with a convenient selection option. This results in our special affinity to the ongoing digital change, which changes processes, organizational forms, infrastructures and thus also office furnishings in every company. This in turn directly influences our tasks as developers of office furniture and office furniture technologies. We are actively anticipating the changes by integrating digital technology into products that were previously purely mechanical. In this way, we expand the functionality of office furniture and optimise its ergonomic benefits, for example, in order to maintain the efficiency and well-being of employees at their workplaces in everyday office life.

Only movement counts

Important questions

  • What is mHealth?
    The term Mobile Health refers to the support of medical procedures and health care measures with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and health apps that can be operated via sensors. In a broader sense, mHealth stands for mobile communication between doctor and patient, as long as a visit to the practice is not necessary.
  • How and where can the MasterMove® be attached?
    In principle, the MasterMove® can be positioned anywhere on the chair. However, it is important that the MasterMove® is positioned horizontally in order to guarantee its function. A simple adhesive strip enables the chair to be glued on in no time at all. Mounted on the underside of the chair, the MasterMove® is practically invisible.
  • Is sitting with the MasterMove® comfortable?
    In contrast to a wearable, the user does not have to wear anything on his body or take care of anything else. Without any further device the functional range is fully usable. It couldn't be more comfortable.
  • Do I need a Smartphone to use the MasterMove®?
    The system works optionally without connection to a mobile device. In any case, its independent signal generators - humming, vibrating, flashing - reliably transmit the necessary ergonomics recommendations.
  • Are my data safe on the MasterMove®?
    The security of the stored data is absolutely guaranteed. All data is exclusively intended for the user. Only the user himself can pass on the data, e.g. if he wants to send the data to his doctor for evaluation. Big Data is excluded, because the MasterMove® is designed only for the user and his well-being. The stored values are also available as daily or weekly statistics in order to make development trends transparent.
  • Do I need an extra pedometer?
    In principle, there is no question today that every form of physical activity promotes health," says sports scientist Peter Hofmann from the University of Graz. If you take this as a basis, a corresponding goal for moves and short sitting times would have similar positive effects as counted steps.

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