Inwerk MAsterlift® 4

Red Dot Design Winner 2017


Prized with the Red Dot Design Award 2017

The electrically height-adjustable Inwerk Masterlift® 4 desk is the flagship of this ergonomic product series, which enables users to work in a healthy alternation between sitting and standing. In 2017 it was awarded with the Red Dot Award for design.

As a symmetrical design element with no visible connection, the frame stands sovereign next to the lifting columns as an all-round 'loop frame'. It gives the table its extremely high stability.
The Black Edition frame version and the version with high-gloss chrome-plated lifting columns are particularly visually fascinating.

Technically, the Masterlift® 4 combines all the advantages of the Masterlift® 2 and 3 and adds even more everywhere: even more stable, even quieter and even more variable. The drive system from the market leader Linak guarantees top performance - from the lifting force to the adjustment speed and minimum power consumption.

The workmanship is virtually perfect. Completely without welding seams, the entire construction looks as if it has been 'milled from the solid'.

from Slim Style and Best Function


Outstanding performance

Office desk with many talents In addition to its unique design, the Masterlift® 4 has all the performance features typical of the Masterlift® product family, which are well above those of other electrically height-adjustable stand-up/sit-down tables. For example, the high lifting capacity, which carries up to 100 kilograms upwards, the fast up and down movement, the quiet operating noise and the low standby power consumption.

Top lifting capacity: 100 kg
Super quiet: 48 dB
Extra economical: Standby power consumption 0.1 W

The Masterlift® 4 travels up at 52mm/s and is therefore up to 30% faster than the average.

The 8 strong facts of the masterlift

The 8 strong facts of the masterlift


  • Adjustable for absolutely straight table tops
    The new adjustment allows the infinitely variable adjustment of the table top pretension. This ensures that the top is always absolutely straight.
  • Telescopic up to 2000mm
    The table frame of all Masterlift® 4 models can be infinitely telescoped up to 2000mm. This means that you can use different table tops or convert them to other dimensions at a later date for the sake of permanent flexibility.
  • Non-slip feet
    Special anti-slip levelling glides are an effective solution for safe standing even on tiles, parquet, linoleum and other hard floors.
  • Vertical cable routing
    With the Masterlift® system cable chain, the cables are routed from the cable manager to the floor or into a cable duct somewhere else in the room . The inconspicuous black cable chain can be shortened as required without tools.

Variants of the masterlift® 4

DESIGN And conception

Multiple awards

The inventors of the Masterlift® Industrial designer Karl Bell, who has won several Red Dot awards, and his team of Inwerk engineers and designers have developed this ergonomic office furniture according to meticulous specifications. Every detail, every function was thought through until the Masterlift® 4 achieved its unique combination of aesthetics and functionality, which set it apart from all desks of its kind on the market.

Bid text

Functions and performance characteristics are combined in a structured way.

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assembly instruction

Clearly illustrated, they facilitate handling for the user.

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Design Prize | red dot Certificate of the Inwerk Masterlift 4. Design: Karl Bell.

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