INWErk masterbox®

Modular Masterbox® office system

Inwerk Masterbox®

Modular office system Masterbox®

The original Inwerk Masterbox® is a modular furniture system for sideboards, cupboards, roll containers, seating furniture, kitchens and room-in-room systems. A flexible and versatile office furniture. Special features are the double-walled construction, which enables smooth surfaces and visible sides on all sides. The Masterbox®, designed by Inwerk designer Karl Bell and his team, was awarded with the red dot design prize Winner Office Design in 2017 and is nominated for the German Brand Award 2019.

Modular furniture system with invisible magnetic connection. The Inwerk Masterbox is the most variable modular furniture system we have ever invented. The magnetic connection, which has proven itself a thousand times over, allows playful freedom of design and the modular structure holds enormous potential. And with our unique 3D configurator, everyone becomes their own designer of office furniture.


7 Strong masterbox® facts

quick-change artist

Systematic variety of combinations

Masterbox® office furniture system Our intelligent system actually makes every configured Masterbox® expandable at will - and vice versa also reducible. So much flexibility is unique. How is this possible? Our engineers and designers have designed an office furniture system with a symmetrical grid.

Identical in depth, all modules can be stacked horizontally and vertically, extended and connected to each other. They do not necessarily have to sit exactly on top of each other. Offset, rotations and displacements are possible. All Masterboxes ® can be transferred to a new configuration at any time. This works logically and simply, more simply and variably than with all other office furniture systems.

Put Masterbox® together in a playful way

Create your own Configuration by Drag & Drop

Masterbox® 3D Configurator

With the online furniture configurator all modules of the Masterbox® can be easily assembled. Even polster pads, base and castors are available.
The Masterbox® 3D Configurator starts in a new window and starts with a short manual.

+ See desired configuration in 3D
+ purchase price is displayed
+ Receive offer per PDF immediately
+ Save and process later
+ put directly into shopping cart

Design And conception

Awarded & prized

Masterbox® Design
The industrial designer Karl Bell, who has received several red dot awards, and his team of Inwerk engineers and designers have developed the Masterbox®. Every detail, every function was thought through until the Masterbox was one of the most modern and functional office furnishing systems.

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