Leister ®

Highly effective acoustic absorber

Leister® - acoustic solution

TÜV tested sound insulation - made by Inwerk

Highly effective acoustic absorber
Leister® is an innovative, modular acoustic system for the office. Its technical design guarantees that atmospheric noise is absorbed to a particularly high degree, effectively restricting its spread in the room. The acoustic foam used for the interior fittings of high-quality cars is framed by horizontal aluminium strips. These ensure the high stability of the construction, contribute to the damping performance and give the system its characteristic design appearance.

Quiet, Quieter, LeisteR

More sound absorption

More peace and quiet in the office

Improvement of the acoustic room quality
The measurements and certifications of TÜV Rheinland impressively confirm the high damping potential of Leister. The technical background of the high effectiveness is the completely free absorber surface. In contrast to conventional construction methods, no fabric cover disturbs the sound passage. Therefore the acoustic effect is higher. The sound absorption coefficient achieves an absolute best value in the speech range between 500 and 1000 Hertz. The incident sound is completely absorbed. Leister reduces the reverberation time in the room, which can usually only be influenced by large absorber surfaces, earlier and already with smaller surfaces. Especially in open-space offices or multi-person offices, Leister improves the team's concentration and efficiency.

Modular System

One module - many possibilities

Table partition wall, partition wall, ceiling sail, wall absorber
The modular Leister® system enables universal application. Specific acoustic elements can be configured from each module, which can be used individually in the office or in various combinations: table partitions, partition walls, ceiling sails and wall absorbers. Each module is framed with 5 aluminium strips, which provide stability in addition to the optical surface division. The vertical multifunctional rails from Leister are used for the height-adjustable mounting of the system monitor holder and other accessories such as storage trays.

leister® - 7 Strong facts

leister® - 7 Strong facts

high efficiency


Immediately available

Leister® partition wall

Partition wall with integrated cable box

Multifunctional Partition Wall
With a total height of 1700mm and a width of 1500mm, the partition wall not only absorbs sound, but also creates a bit of 'privacy' at the workstations. At the same time, individual areas can be demarcated with the partition wall in order to zonate an open-plan office or set up an area for meetings.
The Leister® partition wall comprises three modules with highly effective acoustic foam mats and two guide rails each as well as a total of 15 aluminium strips. The stand consists of solid steel plates, which make the partition particularly solid and at the same time give it a high-quality appearance.

Unique is the integrated XL cable box, which offers ample storage space for cables, power supply units and multiple socket outlets. Leister® not only creates acoustic but also visual order at the workplace.

Leister® table partition

Holistic acoustic system „made by Inwerk“

Highly effective acoustic absorber
The Leister® table partition intercepts direct sound between opposite workstations and provides employees with discreet optical privacy. The Leister® table partition wall consists of 1 module, identical in technology and design to the partition wall. Thus the Leister® partition wall and Leister® table partition wall complement each other perfectly and create a uniform image in the office.

The table partition is approximately 600 mm high and 1500 mm wide and consists of highly effective acoustic absorber material, five high-quality aluminium strips and two guide rails. Accessories such as monitor holders and storage trays can be attached to the rails. The high stability is achieved by table top clamp adapters, which are welded to the guide rail.

Leister® ceiling sail

Acoustic ceiling system

Highly effective
The Leister® acoustic ceiling system consists of 1 module. Instead of the guide rails, the ceiling sails have concealed integrated fastening brackets. The Leister® ceiling sail can be mounted directly on the ceiling. Mounting at a slight distance from the ceiling also increases the acoustic effectiveness.

Inwerk Leister® in the project

Planned with InKonzept

Consulted, planned and executed by Inwerk

Inwerk relies on the elementary advantages that characterise the Leister® system: the outstanding price/performance ratio, high availability and fast delivery. Before you make your purchase decision, we will be happy to advise you in detail, even live in our showrooms if you wish. Our acoustics experts support you professionally with the planning service InKonzept® and develop an individual solution for the acoustic optimisation of your office. You can be sure that we will meet your requirements exactly, at fair economic conditions.

Design by Inwerk

Unique appearance

Timeless design for any space

The Leister® system is unique, also from a formal point of view. The system was developed by Inwerk designer Karl Bell, who has already won several Red Dot Awards and other prizes. His credo is timeless understatement. In this sense, the anthracite-coloured acoustic foam mat deliberately appears simple yet elegant. The aluminium strips follow a horizontal line and can be selected to match the foam mat in natural or black anodised. The attractive design adorns every office and sets striking accents. Construction and materials are characterised by high stability and are designed for long-lasting use.

Important questions

  • Why is Leister® so effective?
    Leister® has a highly efficient acoustic foam mat, which is not by chance also used in the interior of luxury cars. It exceeds the damping performance of conventional acoustic elements by 30%.
  • Who helps with planning?
    Inwerk acoustic experts offer you professional support with the planning service InKonzept®. We develop the acoustic equipment for your office according to technical specifications - precisely tailored to your needs.
  • How fast can I get Leister®?
    All models of the Leister® acoustic system are available within 7 working days.

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