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Mastermove® seating sensor

Your personal health coach at your workstation

The MasterMove® digital sensor technology for office swivel chairs sets a new standard in preventative healthcare. MasterMove counteracts the rigid sitting behaviour at the office workplace which is often the cause of back pain, cardiovascular diseases and other clinical issues. The system, developed by Inwerk in cooperation with experienced orthopaedists, encourages healthy movement on the office chair. MasterMove records the number of all movements, i.e. the sitting behaviour, and the chair setting at the same time. The system analyses the data and uses it to calculate recommendations for the user. These are transferred to the smartphone via Bluetooth and saved as statistics (only for the user themselves). All this functions continuously and completely automatically, without the need for any manual intervention.

The integration of this new mHealth solution proves to be a worthwhile investment. Located unobtrusively on the underside of the seat, MasterMove fulfills its role as a health coach. The movement initiated by the system prevents physical complaints, maintains performance and limits the number of sick days absent due to illness.


MasterMove® offers climate-control and is  therefore able to give useful tips for your workspace


MasterMove® measures the room temperature and reminds you to air the place out


MasterMove® monitors the volume in the office and offers tips for ideal working conditions

Masterbox® modular furniture system

Just stack and go

Modular furnishing system
The original Inwerk Masterbox® is a modular furniture-construction system for sideboards, closets, rolling containers, seating, kitchens and rooms-within-rooms - making it a flexible and versatile unit. Special features include its double-walled construction which enables a consistently smooth surface and appearance from all angles. Designed by Inwerk designer Karl Bell and his team, the Masterbox® won the red dot design award for office design in 2017 and was nominated for the German Brand Award 2019.

A furniture-construction system with invisible magnetic connectors. The Inwerk Masterbox is the most versatile furniture system we've ever created. The magnetic connectors, tried and tested thousands of times over, let you play freely with your designs, and the solution's modular structure offers enormous potential. And thanks to our unique 3D configurator, everyone can now design their own office furniture.

Infinitely flexible

You can reposition each box as often as you like. So each configuration becomes its own design - whatever your needs.

For the love of detail

You can see how much we love the Masterbox® in its pristine design, its precise finish and its ease of use.

Environmental bonus

Made completely of steel, it offers a long service life and is fully recyclable.

MasterPod® space systems

Create places of retreat, independent from your building structure

When brought together, sideboards, shelves and closets can become Masterpod® space systems. Perfectly convertible and beautifully flexible. A furniture concept for every office in the world. Create space systems with all the storage space you need. Save on additional furnishings. The Masterpod® is made up of personal lockers or 1.60 metre-long boxes with a vertical lid. A sophisticated furnishing concept that can keep responding flexibly to changes within a company without creating dependencies, while also providing space for intense work and retreats where teams can talk privately. It's not easy to bring all of this together under one roof, but we did it.

All Masterpod® space systems also provide plenty of additional - and often much-needed - storage space. Why? Because we know how many businesses need and want inconspicuous, well-organised storage space.

A construction kit full of creativity. Masterpod® space systems are assembled by hand with a magnetic strip between each cube, stacked on top of each other or joined together. No instructions, tools or power required. Incredibly stable and perfectly simple for anyone to assemble - with no screws or drills required. You decide how you want to use the storage space: accessible from outside, from inside, or even alternating. Whichever option turns out to be best, you can change it up at any time, or even move it all to another building or floor. Do you want to create a meeting space or work station with enough space for informational material for your next trade show visit? Just take the Masterpod® with you! BLACK, WHITE or BLACK AND WHITE, now, that's the question. That's the only question that really matters.

The Masterlift® 4 adjustable desk

Red Dot design winner 2017

The electrically adjustable Inwerk Masterlift® 4 desk is the flagship of this ergonomic product range that lets you alternate between standing up and sitting down for healthier working. In 2017, it was awarded the red dot design prize.

The loop frame stands out as a symmetrical design element with no visible joins, attached to the support columns. These are what give the desk its exceptional stability. Visually, the frame design captivates either all in black or with brilliantly chrome-plated support columns.

Aside from its unique design, the Masterlift® 4 features all of the usual features you'd expect from the Masterlift® series which set it above and beyond other electrically adjustable standing/sitting desks. Like the high lifting force that can handle loads of up to 100 kilograms, the speed of operation, the low operational volume and the minimal standby power use.

Standing up is healthy

Masterlift makes it super-quick, quiet and just a fingertip away.


A Bluetooth connection lets you control your Masterlift® from your smartphone - with reminders to stand back up.

Your desk in every way

Our designers have really thought of everything - the right lights, cable managers, and more still.

Leister® acoustic system

High-performance acoustic absorbers

Modular, high-performance, design-oriented, TÜV-tested. This is the innovative Leister® acoustic system for offices. Its technical design guarantees a particularly high level of noise absorption, preventing noise from spreading across the room. Its acoustic foam material, which is also used in luxury car interiors, is wrapped horizontally in aluminium strips. These ensure a highly stable design while also contributing to noise reduction and lending the system its characteristic designer style. Since the acoustic foam isn't fully encased, it can absorb more noise than traditional partition walls.

Leister®'s high level of effectiveness has even been certified by TÜV Rheinland, which awarded the system a top rating for absorbing noise in the range of human speech between 500 and 1000 hertz.

The modular Leister® system makes it universally useful: whether as a desk divider, a partition wall, or a ceiling or wall absorber, Leister® always makes a great impression.

Discover our products now

Germany's largest furniture exhibition, measuring 3,500 square metres

This atmospheric and historic renovated brewery is not just a 3,500 square metre exhibition space for our products and the office furniture manufactured by our 120 partners: it's also where we work. Here our expert consultants both show and tell how we ourselves use the diverse office installations here. As a result, every customer gets an authentic impression of what a modern office installation looks like.

Naturally, we've put together some functional, ergonomic and particularly beautiful workstations for you. We present our electric height-adjustable Masterlift® desks together with the recommended swivelling office chairs. Besides providing us with a motivational environment, the open spaces of the marketing and customer support departments also inspire visitors to our exhibition.

Located near Dusseldorf, the Forum for Office Culture in Meerbusch is easy to reach via public transport or just off the A44 autobahn. The Forum itself has a generously-sized car park for customers and employees.

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